About Us

About Us

Marble Slab Creamery

Fresh, small-batch ice cream since 1983. Since dreaming up the frozen slab technique and serving fresh, homemade, small-batch ice cream in store since 1983, Marble Slab Creamery has known how to dream big. We sprinkle you with imagination and promise to inspire with infinite ice cream possibilities to feed your curiosity and capture cravings. Where imagination has no limits. Find a local shop near you to experience ice cream magic, with our free unlimited mix-in philosophy, delicious ice cream and shakes in a variety of flavors, hand-rolled waffle cones, and ice cream cakes. Marble Slab Creamery, where imagination has no limits. We are “the Imaginateur”—inventive, nonconformist, curious, devoted and awe-inspiring. Motivated by a powerful craving for new experiences—to push boundaries and delight in unexpected discoveries.

Great American Cookies

Sharing the fun of cookies since 1977. What started with a generations-old family recipe in 1977 is now the sweet spot for happiness and joy. We are still the home of the original Cookie Cake, just reimagined with life’s sweet moments as our inspiration. At Great American Cookies, we believe that pure, simple delight is part of living a full life. Baking your world a better place. We promise to treat you to bites of bliss that prove how sweet life can be. We bake your world a better place with simple and inspired treats: fresh-baked cookies delightfully designed and customized for any craving or celebration. Passionate bakers are devoted to hand-crafting goodies that engage your senses and to providing a fun-filled ambiance through which everyday elements tempt your sweet tooth. With bakeries across the country, in your neighborhood, and treats available to ship right to your door, the sweet spot is always close to home. We are "the Indulgent"—passionate, expressive, uplifting, playful and inclusive. Seeking to find the good things in life and motivated by an appetite for all that is pleasurable

The combined experience

Sweet marks the spot where Marble Slab Creamery and Great American Cookies come together in one deliciously delightful destination. Come immerse your senses and sweet tooth in all things fresh-made and hand-scooped. Come where bites of bliss unite with unlimited possibilities and where nostalgic favorites meet new inventions that only your mind (or our masterminds) could create. Come to where the most-loved names in cookies and ice cream collide to create an experience unrivaled by any other—where you’ll get chills of delight and bake your world a better place all at once. Just imagine the sweet spot where Marble Slab Creamery and Great American Cookies come together. Because sweetness is a destination, and this is where the sweet life lives